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50 Solutions, Winter 2017

For our 20th-anniversary issue, “50 Solutions,” we wanted to share some of our favorite stories of local community innovation. After a year’s worth of national attention on the presidential race, we thought it time to remind ourselves and others that most of the significant forward-moving change that has occurred in this country has been driven by the grassroots—that is, the work that often began with a small group of committed folks in a local community.

That message hit home with readers. “50 Solutions” started arriving in mailboxes just days after Donald Trump was elected president, and the response was fairly unprecedented—we saw a dramatic rise in subscription orders and donations; we saw an even larger surge in gift subscription orders. Here’s a sample of the daily feedback we received:

“I am happy to be sending YES! to all my children and grandchildren, particularly since the election of Trump. We need all the positive inspiration possible, and that’s what YES! is about” —reader, Newburgh, New York

“YES! is part of my recipe for keeping hope in the midst of complex problems and turbulent times! It helps me understand the key issues of the day, but with a solutions orientation.” —reader, Baltimore

“This publication is a major source of ‘power to the people,’ which is very much needed at this time.”—reader, Eugene, Oregon

Ultimately, the demand for the “50 Solutions” issue was so high that we ran out and had to reprint an additional 5,000 copies.

You’re Making a Difference

In late September, 2016, YES! published contact information for the CEO’s of the 17 banks directly financing Dakota Access Pipeline construction. YES! readers were quick to take action—sharing the article across social media, making phone calls to DAPL-involved banks, and sending word about their activism.

Since then, YES! continued to share articles about the DAPL divestment movement and how to get involved.Again, readers around the country, like Gail Greenlees of Point Reyes, California, shared their inspiring stories of divestment activism:

“Add my name to the bank-switcher list. I just switched from Wells Fargo to a credit union. I live in a village of 810 people and Wells Fargo is the only bank/ATM here. I had my social security check direct-deposited there so it was a little more complicated. I spoke with Redwood Credit Union in Petaluma and learned what steps I needed to take—they gave me the routing number and account number to give to social security. I let everything close out at Wells Fargo, and sent them a letter, explaining why I switched banks. I felt so empowered after doing this. I hadn’t been happy with the news they had foisted unnecessary accounts on their customers but then when I heard they were one of the main banks supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline, that did it!”

Hundreds more of you took similar actions. At today’s count, the DeFund DAPL campaign estimates that more than $52 million have been moved out of DAPL-connected banks. Add your own divestment action to the count at www.defundapl.org.

Ready to Take Action?

We’ve been hearing from readers more and more these days that they want to be kept abreast of opportunities to take action—in their own local communities, in resistance to regressive policies on civil liberties and the environment, and in regards to activism they read about in YES! Magazine. If you’re interested in getting occasional YES! Take Action alerts, or learning about resources to support your activist journey, visit yesmagazine.org/takeaction.

Send your updates and responses to our outreach manager Susan Gleason at [email protected] or mail to ­284 Madrona Way NE, Suite 116, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.


Why Science Can't Be Silent

Sarah Macaraeg

Sarah Macaraeg

"Black and Blue, Chicago Tries a New Way to Heal"

When Sarah Macaraeg was in college more than 10 years ago, she realized that Chicago officials were sitting on a report that detailed the use of torture by police against African Americans. Her activism helped force the city to release those documents. Since then, Sarah has won the Sidney Award for her investigative reporting on the Chicago police. She says that work has made her aware of “more deaths and abuses than most can begin to imagine.” Her story in this issue shows the other side of that—what’s possible when communities unite to demand healing.

Peter Kalmus

Peter Kalmus

"To My Fellow Climate Scientists: Be Human, Be Brave, Tell the Truth"

Peter Kalmus was studying physics at Columbia University when he heard James Hansen talk about global warming. The more he learned, the more concerned he became, and he eventually switched his career to climate science. Peter now works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech, studying how clouds interact with climate change. He has spent more than a decade exploring what change one person can make. His book, Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution (New Society), will be released this summer.

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller

Good Health Outside the Doctor’s Office

In her early years as a physician, Dr. Daphne Miller started noticing that, beyond treating an immediate condition, she had little impact on her patients’ overall health. The biggest factors, she learned, were social and environmental. Today, Dr. Miller explores how health care can play a role in “healing our external ecosystem and not just our internal one.” For YES! she tells the story of collaborations between health care and communities on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Such efforts, she says, could “give all Americans the chance to achieve optimal health.”

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