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Brainstorming pathways to a post-carbon world

“100% Renewable Energy” After Oil Issue, Spring 2016

Can we get to a world beyond fossil fuels? The authors in our Spring 2016 issue, “Life After Oil,” answered with a resounding “Yes.”

Richard Heinberg, writing in “100% Renewable Energy,” assessed: It can be done, it’ll take some time, and it won’t be easy.

Commenter Scott Parsons echoed Heinberg’s sense of the imperative:

“Everyone needs to pay very close attention to the last lines. Power down will not be optional. It is going to happen to us. The current paradigm cannot be sustained let alone expanded around the world using just ‘renewable’ energy. The only way forward is to massively scale down all of our lifestyles and energy use. That is going to happen whether we try to do it intentionally and humanely or let nature do it for us.”

But readers differed on how to get there:

“The BIG push in renewables these days is innovation in storage, and success stories are already emerging on that front. If we had U.S. policy dedicated to clean energy and divesting from natural gas (the new coal), coal, and oil, we could make a much faster switch.” —melharte

“It’s so much cheaper to be sustainable … but the states are making it illegal? I can build a sustainable house for under $5,000 off the grid, but places like Florida won’t have it.” —Omeka Kabari

“I was very disappointed to see the information about the food system focused on only eating organic and sequestering carbon. The #1 way to reduce energy use in the food system is going vegan. Why wasn’t this — or even drastically reducing meat, dairy, and egg consumption — mentioned? Why is it so hard for the environmental movement to look past the energy used for lighting, heating and cooling, and transportation to one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions?” —Joel Gluck

Climate activists put “Life After Oil” issue to work

We like hearing how readers are using YES! stories for education and activism. A donor-supported program at YES! enables us to distribute a limited number of bulk copies of the magazine, free of charge, to community organizations within the United States.

For the “Life After Oil” issue, requests flooded in from climate organizers in 30 states. Here’s how folks are putting the magazine to work:

“We are planning a teach-in in Richmond, California, which is the home of Chevron. We’re attending hearings in the North Bay Area to fight crude-by-rail, we’re speaking out at Oakland City Hall where we’re fighting a big coal export terminal, and we’d like to bring them there.” —Carla West, 350.org East Bay

“We have already been sharing the articles in this edition via web links. We’ll be using the print editions in the following ways: making available at upcoming tabling opportunities, handing out at pre-#BreakFree events, giving to our Let’s Talk Climate conversation facilitators.” —Kate Jacobson, Minnesota 350.org

How does your carbon footprint compare?

NASA climate scientist and YES! contributing editor Peter Kalmus followed up his magazine article “How Far Can We Get Without Flying?” with an online piece, “Real Life Hacks to Cut Your Carbon Footprint,” which featured an interactive carbon emissions calculator. As of May, 481 YES! readers have calculated and submitted their carbon-footprint measurements. While quantifying carbon emissions is tricky, Kalmus reports emitting 6,900 kilograms of CO2 per year after finding ways to reduce his daily carbon usage. The average U.S. person emits around 17,500 to 20,000 kilo-grams of CO2 annually. How are you stacking up?

Have you ever had an opportunity to make use of YES! in your own community education and organizing activities? We’d love to hear about it.

We’re rounding up stories for our 20th anniversary and would love to hear how YES! has made a difference in your life, has inspired you to take action, or has supported your work in other ways.

Send your updates and responses to our outreach manager Susan Gleason at [email protected] or mail to ­284 Madrona Way NE, Suite 116, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.


Life After Oil

Akiba Solomon

Akiba Solomon

I Asssumed It Was Racism — It Was Patriarchy

Akiba Solomon is the editorial director of Colorlines, a daily news site where race matters. The Howard University graduate from West Philadelphia is a National Association of Black Journalists award winner and 2015 Root 100 awardee. She has written for publications including POZ, Vibe, Glamour, Redbook, EBONY, Essence, and Dissent.

Taja Lindley

Taja Lindley

This is Naked Power

Taja Lindley is a courageous, truth-telling creatress; an unapologetically proud Queer femme feminist; daughter of a single mother; eldest of three sisters; committed to the wellness, creativity, and bodily autonomy of women and girls of color. As an artist-activist, she uses creativity and imagination to shift culture and move people to action. She is the founder of Colored Girls Hustle and a member of Echoing Ida. Her writing has appeared in Rewire, EBONY, Feministe, and Salon. Follow her at TajaLindley.com.

John Francis

John Francis

Walking Pilgrimage

John Francis is a National Geographic Explorer, environmental educator, and former United Nations Environment Program goodwill ambassador. In 1971, after witnessing an oil spill in San Francisco Bay, he stopped using motorized vehicles and took a vow of silence lasting 17 years. The founder of Planetwalk, an environmental awareness organization, he ended his silence on Earth Day 1990. He is the author of Planetwalker and The Ragged Edge of Silence, both published by National Geographic Books.

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