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Photo by Matika Wilbur for Project 562


The Decolonize Issue / No. 85 / Spring 2018

In Depth

From the EditorsMark Trahant, Shannan Lenke Stoll, and Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz

14 Indigenous Voices on Power and Resurgence

YES! photo by Chris Marion

September 2017, Fort Yates, North Dakota. Photo by JosuÉ Rivas

I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope. Determining what exactly needs to be done will involve the kind of creativity that Indigenous peoples have used to survive some of the most oppressive forms of capitalist, industrial, and colonial domination.

—Kyle Powys Whyte, p 48

The Disruption of White Supremacy
Why Colonialism Is Failing Right on TimeMark Trahant
“I’m dreaming about a modern world that doesn’t erase its Indigenous intelligence”
Visual storyteller Matika Wilbur
What Standing Rock Gave the World
Jenni Monet
Photo by Terray Sylvester
“Decolonization starts inside of you.”
Visual storyteller Josué Rivas
Don’t Just Resist, Return to Who You Are
Let’s re-experience our homelands the way our ancestors did and regenerate that culture.Taiaiake Alfred
How the Kashia Got Their Lands Returned
Debra Utacia Krol
Photo by Thosh Collins
A Pre-Colonial View of America
Chelsey Luger; Photography by Thosh Collins
SPAM’s Carbon Footprint II
A poem by Craig Santos Perez
Guidance from the Past Is Written on Our Bodies
Mary Annette Pember
Native and European — How Do I Honor All the Pieces of Myself?
Kayla DeVault
Photo by Tomás Karmelo Amaya
In the Role of Life-Giver, Women Take Back Power
Sarah Sunshine Manning
“Above all else, I am kanaka.”
Kumu hula Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu
Let’s Be Honest, White Allies
The resilience of settler power and privilege gets in the way of meaningful action.Kyle Powys Whyte

Solutions We Love

Photo by Tomás Karmelo Amaya
5 Ways: To a Long, Healthy LifeMegan Wildhood; Illustrations by Julie Notarianni
“We’re Feeding Our Liberation”Kevon Paynter
People We Love: Podcasting the RevolutionSammi-Jo Lee
The Page That CountsStephen Miller

Culture Shift

Still from the film Dolores
A Proven Strategy: Turn Fair Labor Into a Civil Rights FightSaru Jayaraman and Devan Shea
How Locavores and Strong Allies Can Bring Justice to the Food SystemNancy Matsumoto
The Way Cheap Food Feeds Big Hunger and InequalityAndy Fisher
Yes! But How? How to Say GoodbyeResearch by Bailey Williams; Illustration by Enkhbayar Munkh-Erdene
Tax Overhaul and the Immorality of InequalitySarah van Gelder


More of the Story
Winning Essay: Escaping the “Other”Adithi Ramakrishnan
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From the Executive DirectorChristine Hanna