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Deradicalization worker Shannon Martinez in Athens, Georgia, at the Moore’s Ford Bridge. Sara Wise


The Building Bridges Issue / No. 92 / Winter 2019

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From the EditorsChris Winters and Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

The Building Bridges Issue

Photo by Naomi Hayes / Getty Images

Every day, thousands of residents of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, cross the “Paso del Norte” pedestrian bridge commuting to and from their respective countries. Meanwhile, hundreds of people are living under the bridge, waiting for processing to resettle in the U.S. Photo by PAUL RATJE / Getty

“There are different types of bridges. Short bridges require less effort, less risk, and less vulnerability to erect. Longer bridges are those that require more of us and our communities. They entail greater risk, but also greater reward.”

Only Bridging Can Heal a World of Breaking
john a. powell
Shannon Martinez
Deradicalization in the Deep South: How a Former Neo-Nazi Makes Amends
DJ Cashmere
Reparations Is Not Only About Money, It’s a Healing Process
Zenobia Jeffries Warfield
Denise O'Brien of Rolling Acres farm
The Way Climate Change Unites the Practical Farmers of Iowa
Lynn Freehill-Maye
Healing a Divided Nation Begins Face to Face
Chris Winters
Yes, You Can Change Someone’s Mind (But Not With Facts)
Amanda Abrams
Can We Build a Better Man?
Tarana Burke, Alex Myers, Sady Doyle, Tony Porter, and Earth-Feather Sovereign
Young men who work cleaning car windshields witness the daily flow of bridge commuters
Post-Apartheid: Bridges Only Work When Both Sides Cross Them
Mashadi Kekana and Simon Allisons

Solutions We Love

Illustration by Fran Murphy
Yes! But How? Replace Your All Purpose Flour With These Mighty Little GrainsAlexandra van Alebeek
How Home-Baked Bread Is Defying the Industrial Food SystemLiz Carlisle
People We Love: Drag Queen ActivistsYasmeen Wafai
The Page That CountsMiles Schneiderman

Culture Shift

The Lies We’re Told About AppalachiaIvy Brashear
Illustration by Sarah Lazarovic
Small Works: How To Make Time For Friendly Civil DisobedienceSarah Lazarovic
The Yes! Crossword: Building BridgesPatrick Blindauer


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