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The Dirt Issue / No. 89 / Spring 2019

In Depth

From the EditorsShannan Lenke Stoll


December composting in Bushwick, Brooklyn

December composting in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is a steamy business. The community-supported group BK ROT hauls food waste to create compost and delivers it—all by bicycle PHOTO BY VALERY RIZZO

“Our ancestors teach us that it’s not just soil bacteria that contribute to this healing process. Part of African cosmology is that the spirits of our ancestors persist in the earth and transmit messages of encouragement and guidance to us through contact with the soil. Further, we believe the Earth herself is a living, conscious spirit imparting wisdom.”

By Reconnecting With Soil, We Heal the Planet and Ourselves
Leah Penniman
A DIY Soil Story: Simple Steps for Cultivating a Revolution in Your Backyard
Anne Biklé and David R. Montgomery
Depaving image
Depaving to Soften Our Cities
Lynn Freehill-Maye
Mushrooms Clean Up Our Toxic Messes
Deonna Anderson
Elk image
Can Elk Help Appalachia Recover From Mountaintop Removal?
Mason Adams
Mud bath image
There’s Science Behind Mud’s Healing Magic
Linda Ingroia
Gifts of Good Soil: “I Believe Food Should Be Free”
Liz Brazile
The Climate Solution Right Under Our Feet
Michaela Haas
Collecting dirt from a lynching site
Soil Is a Living Witness: A History of Racial Injustice
Leanna First-Arai

Solutions We Love

Yes! But How? Early Native Traditions That Lead to Good HealthDanielle Hansen
Cooking together image
All the Lonely People? They’re Making New FriendsJulia Hotz
The Secret to Swaying the Supreme CourtDoug Pibel
People We Love: Accessible TechSydney Worth
The Page That CountsMiles Schneiderman

Culture Shift

Tiffany Adams
Rare Birder SightingsGlenn Nelson
The Good People of the Zombie ApocalypsMark Rahner
The Power of Women’s RageThree excerpts
22 Films to Soothe Your Racial Justice SoulZenobia Jeffries Warfield
Small Works: When We Borrow From Neighbors, We Build DemocracySarah Lazarovic
The Yes! Crossword: Tilling the EarthPatrick Blindauer


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Winning Essay: A Feast for the FutureIndia Brown
From the Executive DirectorChristine Hanna
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